Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#MovinMeanMonday Week 3

"Maintainin' My Hustle"
Tezzy T




WEEK 3!!!!! Once again we dropping some NASTY ASS exclusive Movin Mean shit again!!! This week we got another DOUBLE DOSAGE for you to overdose on!!! Check out "Montana" by Dunani (@DuNaNiPaCiNo) & Trigga (@TriggaTheTruth) here Dunani & Trigga-Montana & "Maintainin My Hustle" by Tezzy T (@T_RollNChoke) here Tezzy T-Maintainin My Hustle!!!! If yall loving the songs just hit us up on Facebook here Movin Mean Ent FB Fanpage or mention us on Twitter. #MOVINMEANBITCH!!!!

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