Movin Mean Ent??

Being a new up & coming entertainment group, alot of people always ask the same question...Who is MME???? Well to clear all that up, we are a young and ambitious group of kids that came together from all diffrent parts of the city with ideas on how to make a run for success not only or us, but for the city too. Movin Mean Ent was created by myself ,Tune (Kyle Manuel), and Dunani Da Prince (David Hamilton) in the summer of 2009 while playing around with recording music, and actually getting a good vibe on the things we were posting up on the net. It only got better from there, and that's when we expanded MME from a two-man team, into a 7-man squad. We added in JR(Jamie Smith), Kid Trouble(C.J. Daniel), Lunnie(Carl Warner), Jobey, and Freak-O (Jabien Robertson), and from then on everything just grew. We are working towards getting our copyrights and trademark for the team, and expanding it to Alabama, and Texas. With a strong team, smart minds, and the will power to go against all odds, I believe that with the help of fans behind us, we could be one of the biggest labels that Louisiana has ever had.